The Best Online Shopping Deals for Buying in Bulk

By November 28, 2017Online Shopping

You know already that online shopping is a cost-effective way to save money if you use the right tools. Armed with a great automatic price checker, you can save money year-round on automatic price drops, price matches, and refunds.

Now, imagine what kind of savings you could receive if you apply all of these money-back hacks to bulk buying. There’s no reason to pay the full retail price for online goods, household items, or even groceries when the online shopping world offers you the ability to compare prices, apply discounts, and search for the best deals.

Looking for a Low Price

It is important to factor in price-per-unit when buying in bulk, and as a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to look for a price-per-unit that is at least 50% lower than what you would usually pay.

Due to the fact that most online retail stores offer free shipping on orders over a certain price or quantity, buying in bulk usually means more savings due to the free shipping associated with purchasing a large quantity all at once.

Buying in Bulk from Amazon

Some of the best deals on Amazon can be found through their Bulk Buying section, which offers everyday discounts on household items and more that can be purchased in bulk. While Amazon’s online shopping market has been generally known for offering low prices, their Bulk Buying section kicks it up another notch.

To purchase items in bulk from Amazon, you can add them to your shopping cart or check out the Bulk Buying section in the link above that offers already packaged bulk deals and prices. You can even set up a recurring bulk order for the specific length of your choosing. Most bulk orders seem to offer free shipping if you are a member of the Amazon prime service.

Buying in Bulk from Walmart

As experts in bulk shopping themselves, Walmart notes that the best items to buy in bulk are usually household items and supplies as you save more by not paying for individual packaging and end up getting more product for your money.

The Walmart Low Price Guarantee applies to items purchased in bulk online as well. This is a great option for bulk buyers looking to take advantage of free shipping thresholds applied to online purchases.

Walmart also offers great deals on free two-day shipping for certain items and a price match policy that will help you work with Walmart to compare prices on other items found online. We also found that while buying in bulk from Kmart isn’t as easy as it is from Amazon or Walmart, the Kmart price match policy does offer a price match and refund if you find a cheaper price on an item purchased in-store.

Top Tips for Buying in Bulk

As you begin to browse the major online retail websites like Amazon and Walmart for the best bulk buy deals, it’s important to keep in mind a few simple tips.

We suggest splitting up bulk buys with friends or family members so you don’t end up with a hundred rolls of toilet paper or fifty pounds of potatoes you can’t cook before next July.

As well, take into account the space you’ll need to store bulk items and their expiration date. When buying in bulk online, keep an eye out for coupons or discount deals you can couple with the already low bulk prices and you’ll be on your way to saving hundreds in no time.