Clothing Subscription Services When You’re Tired of Your Wardrobe

By April 3, 2018Online Shopping

Subscription services for a wide range of products have become popular over the last several years, offering online shoppers new items on a regular basis based on categories of products they already like, combined with the fun of opening the package. Clothing subscription services, which ship apparel that fits the shopper’s style profile, size, and price range, are especially popular. Some services provide specialized clothing, such as workout clothes, while others send items from a wide array of clothing categories.

Trunk Club

This service, offered through Nordstrom, has a mid to high-end clothing catalogue. Shoppers provide their style preferences, budget, and size, and then complete a phone call or instant messaging-based personal styling consultation. The stylist then crafts a “trunk” for the shopper and sends it to them for approval. Approved items are shipped for free, and the recipient has five days to decide what to return. Shoppers can set up monthly or seasonal subscriptions or request trunks on a one-time basis.

Stitch Fix

On Stitch Fix, shoppers complete a personal style profile and supply their size information and price range preference, and a personal stylist will select five items to send them. Users return what they don’t like and keep what they do, as well as send stylists feedback to make future clothing shipments better reflect the shopper’s style preferences. The shopper can subscribe to either a regular monthly subscription or only have clothing boxes shipped upon request.


Ann Taylor’s clothing subscription service is unique in offering shoppers a way to rent clothes for as long as they want. Users create a “closet” of their favorite Ann Taylor clothes, and their subscription box will include a selection of these items. Shipping and returns are free, and when the shopper is ready for her next box of items, she sends in all items at once and receives her next box with another assortment of items from her “closet.” The service charges a monthly flat fee for three items rented a month.

Gwynnie Bee

This clothing subscription service offers a wide selection of plus-sized women’s clothing. Shoppers select their favorites from a wide array of clothing items the store currently sells, and they also have the option to talk with a personal style expert to get personalized tips and recommendations for their clothing selections. The shopper can then either wear and return the items they receive whenever they want or purchase one or more of the items for less than retail price.


Under Armour’s workout clothing subscription service is personalized to fit each shopper’s unique exercise profile. Users take a quiz identifying which athletic activities they perform, how regularly they exercise, where they usually exercise, and their preferred workout clothing style. A style expert then selects four to six items to send to the shopper. Shipping is free, and the user has 60 days to return any items for full refunds. There is no styling fee to use the service, and the user receives 20% off the purchase price if he or she chooses to keep all the items.