How-To Guide: What to Do When an Item Goes on Sale After Purchase

By May 7, 2018Online Shopping

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing the price of something you just bought go on sale. When a price drop occurs after making a purchase, it’s annoying, but there’s something you can do about it!

Due to something called price adjustment, most retailers will allow refund you the difference in price of what you originally paid for the item and the current price. This basically ensures you get the lowest price for an item every time! However, there are a few things to know before claiming a price adjustment refund.

What Exactly is Price Adjustment?

While these policies aren’t designed solely for use after an item goes on sale, they’re designed to allow consumers like you to take advantage of an ever-changing market in which prices are constantly fluctuating. Your first line of defense when an item goes on sale after you purchase it is to check if the store you bought the item from offers some sort of price adjustment refund.

For example, if you purchase something from a retailer and then within a week find it on sale somewhere else for a lower price, the store’s price protection policy should cover a refund on the difference in price.

How Do You File a Price Adjustment Refund?

Due to the fact that stores don’t often advertise their price match policy or its details, you’ll want to understand first the requirements of the store you’ve purchased your item at. A price protection refund won’t happen automatically, which means that you, or a third-party tool, has to actually request the refund.

There are two routes you can go here. The first is to track the price of the item by yourself to look for a price drop and then later request a refund through the retailer directly. Or, with the help of a price tracking tool such as moolah, you can have your online purchases monitored automatically so that you don’t actually have to do anything. A claim will still need to be filed, but because we’re experts at price matching, we know the ins and outs of each store’s policy and will file for you.

What Stores Offer Price Adjustment Refunds?

Most stores offer some sort of price match program these days, but the requirements vary from store to store. For a comprehensive list of stores that price match, you can check out our guide to supported stores, but across the board, it appears that most offer a 14 to 30-day period in which you can file the claim and receive your refund.

Keep Track of Purchases

It’s important that you understand which necessary online shopping tool you’ll need to arm yourself with to keep track of price drops in the future. Online shopping means that prices can fluctuate within minutes, and you’ll want to ensure you get the best price every time.

Enter moolah: your money-back hack that automatically searches for and issues refunds on price differences for purchases you’ve made online. We help you get your money back when you’ve purchased something online and then there is a price drop later. Then, we send you the cash securely and hassle-free! Ready to never miss out on a sale price again? Sign up today.