Investing Spare Change with Acorns

By February 14, 2018Online Shopping

Unless you’re well-versed in the world of finance, investing can be a confusing and daunting task. However, even a little goes a far way on the road to financial freedom, which is why Acorns wants to help you grow your spare change with robo-investing (i.e. you don’t have to do any of the work!).

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How Does It Work?

You just have to link the credit or debit card that you use to make purchases and Acorns keeps the change on your purchase and then auto invests it into fractional shares of ETFs. It’s actually as easy as 1,2,3…

  1. Link as many debit or credit cards as you want to your Acorns account.
  2. Spend money! Acorns will round your purchases up to the nearest dollar and invest the spare change on the difference in a diversified portfolio.
  3. Watch your wealth grow. The best thing about Acorns is that you can invest and withdraw your cash whenever you want, hassle-free.

Acorns allows you to passively grow your wealth for a small monthly fee, or for free if you’re a college student with a valid university address. While you won’t get rich overnight, it is a great way to slowly save money throughout the year and build capital with minimal risk and work.

Like moolah, if you connect the card you use to make online purchases to your Acorns account and shop with their Found Money partners such as Airbnb, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Groupon, they’ll automatically invest in your Acorns account.

What Are You Investing In?

Well, besides investing in yourself and your financial future, you’re investing in EFTs, or Exchange Traded Funds. These are a mixed variety of stocks and bonds that usually replicate an asset class or index like the S&P 500 or Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Every dollar that Acorns invests for you is automatically diversified over 7,000 stocks and bonds with the expert help and advice from Nobel Prize-winning economist, Dr. Harry Markowitz and financial partners and investors such as PayPal, Bain Capital, Capital Group, Liberty Media and more.

Because your investment is diversified across many asset classes, it helps smooth out any bumps in the road when markets change, reducing the overall risk associated with investing and increasing your opportunity for wealth.

Special Savings with Moolah

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Because moolah works to earn your money back when something you’ve purchased drops in price, you’re free to make more purchases online and in-stores that suit your style. Next time you decide to spend that hard-earned price adjustment moolah, spend it with Acorns so you can grow your spare change.