How to Use Rebates to Save Money

By December 17, 2017Online Shopping

If you’re looking to save money on grocery shopping or online purchases, you’re in luck. Hundreds of cashback, money-saving apps and tools exist to earn you money while you spend.

Rebate Apps

In today’s saturated market of apps, gadgets, plug-ins and tools, it’s hard to make sense of which ones you should be using to save you the most money. Rebate apps exist to help you earn cash back on purchases made. Instead of scouring the internet for a coupon before you pay, you can shop knowing you’ll get reimbursed after the fact.

Our top three, in no particular order, are Swagbucks, Ibotta, and Ebates. All three allow you to earn actual cash back or points on items purchased online as well as offer great deals such as gift cards for reaching a specific spending limit.

We love Ibotta for the fact that it allows you to take advantage of discounts and deals through in-app purchases. As well, you receive a $10 bonus just for signing up and completing your first purchase. Ebates is similar in that it allows in-app purchases, but their payouts are only offered quarterly.

Rebate Websites

 The best rebate websites will basically pay you to shop online. These types of websites are becoming more and more popular as they offer a way to earn cash, points, or credit by doing what you would be doing anyway: online shopping.

Most of these apps mentioned above will reimburse you via PayPal or even through the credit card you used to make the purchase after reaching a minimum amount, which is great. However, we suggest taking advantage of an all-in-one toolbox that works consistently and automatically for you to receive the biggest rebates and refunds.

Moolah is the most comprehensive money-back hack in the market, and signing up is simple. Sign up with the e-mail you use to make online purchases and we’ll begin processing your digital receipts to look for price drops on items you’ve bought. Once the price drops, we’ll automatically begin processing your refund and you’ll receive the difference of the price in the form of cash on the card used to make the purchase. No points, no gimmicks, no waiting to get your money each quarter.

Mail-In Rebates

Even though they’re not as standard, you can also take advantage of mail-in rebates from certain companies to receive a cash rebate in the form of a check. To reap the benefits of this type of offer, you’ll need to complete some paperwork, but can receive up to the full amount of a purchase.

Keep your eyes peeled for mail-in rebates and browse places such as coupon inserts and online resources. Websites such as Freebie Depot and Dealigg are dedicated to providing comprehensive lists of “free after rebate” deals across a number of websites (including Amazon).

Receive Rebates On Your Credit Card

It’s always a good rule of thumb to pay using a credit card optimized for rebate and cashback deals. The best rebate credit card is up for debate, but Chase credit cards offer you the chance for up to $500 rebate per item with a maximum of $2,500 total in rebates each year. American Express offers up to $1,000 per item!

Regardless of how you choose to mix and match your rebate tools, online shopping savings are bountiful. It’s time to start hacking your way through online savings, and moolah is here to help.

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