When is the Next IKEA Kitchen Sale?

By November 8, 2018IKEA

If you’re going to be renovating your kitchen soon or simply want to snag great deals on hot IKEA kitchen items then you’ll definitely want to follow along for shopping secrets and exclusive dates for the next IKEA Kitchen Sale. These sales happen about three to four times a year and they often offer department-wide discounts of up to 20% on major items, which makes a big difference if you’re doing a whole kitchen makeover or have just moved into a new home. Here’s how to take advantage of IKEA deals and discounts.


When Are IKEA Kitchen Sales?

To give you an example of what one of these big events looked like, one of the most recent IKEA Kitchen Sales was from February 28th until April 8th, which is about six weeks long. Any member of the IKEA Family who spent $2,000 or more before taxes on a single IKEA kitchen purchase received 15% back on an IKEA Gift Card as well as free delivery. Items eligible for this discount included cabinets, appliances, counter tops and more. To gauge when the next sale is going to be, you can either follow past trends and assume there’s going to be one in early spring, another in mid-summer and a final one in late fall just before the holidays. Or, you can pop into a store and try to get an answer out of an associate.


What You Need to Know

To take advantage of these types of sales, you’ll need to be a proud owner of an IKEA Family Card. This is the IKEA rewards program which comes with other perks, such as free coffee or tea any time you’re shopping inside a store. When you get the discount, you actually get it on the spot, but since it’s in the form of a gift card, you’ll want to be smart about how you spend. If you’re planning a particularly large kitchen renovation, for example, you can put your cabinets on one purchase and use the gift card from that purchase to pay off the next and so on.


Perks of Being an IKEA Family Member

Not only will you get access to many other benefits, but regarding the IKEA Kitchen Sale, being a Family Member is actually great as they have to honor a past sale for up to 90 days. This means that you can purchase your kitchen gear before the sale even happens and then request the discounts and perks once it rolls around (given that it’s within the given time frame). Seeing as the Kitchen Sale happens about three to four times every year, they have a sale about once every three or four months, meaning that the 90-day time frame should fall within pretty much any date of an IKEA Kitchen Sale.


Saving on IKEA Items Year-Round

If you’ve missed a sale or simply want to take advantage of great deals year-round, you can always enjoy the benefits of IKEA’s price adjustment policy which will allow you to claim a partial refund on an item that has lowered in price after you purchased it. As long as you’re an IKEA Family Member, they’ll honor the lower price for up to 90 days. To enjoy benefits and deals such as these on all of your purchases year-round, sign up for moolah and let us do all of the work for you. You’ll definitely need your strength if you’re about to re-haul your kitchen.


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