Automatic refunds on store price drops.

moolah gets your money back when something you’ve purchased goes on sale or drops in price – automatic and secure.

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How moolah refunds work

moolah constantly matches your receipts against the store’s current price to detect if your items are now on sale or cheaper. When it finds a price drop it refunds you automatically.

moolah refunds at top retailer stores

We track purchases from top major retailers including

What people say about moolah

I signed up for moolah and almost forgot, until I got $35 back from a pair of Adidas shoes!


I ordered online from Nordstrom and the items went on sale the very next day. moolah got me $47 back before the package shipped!


I couldn’t believe it when I saw that I had a $214 refund from Costco! That’s a lot of money you helped me save. Thanks moolah!


Recent moolah user refunds

Whatever you buy online, if it drops in price, moolah’s got you covered.

Secure. Automatic.

moolah is secure.  Real-time price detection so you don’t have to worry about overpaying again.  Using industry-standard encryption, moolah protects the confidentiality of the information you submit.

Secure Encryption

moolah uses industry-standard encryption to protect the confidentiality of the information you submit.

Email Webhooks

moolah only reads your shopping receipts using email webhooks, the same type of webhooks that Google and Microsoft uses.

Get protection in 3 Steps

Retailers can change their prices 8 times a day.  moolah gives you the confidence that you’ll never overpay again.


Join moolah to get protected

Join with the email you use when shopping online and moolah will start looking for your receipts.

Shop online

Continue shopping online and have your shopping receipts sent to the same email.

Automatically get refunds

moolah alerts you when there is a price drop on an item you have purchased and will start processing your refund automatically.

Retailers change their prices 8 times a day

Ever wonder if something you just purchased went on sale? moolah protects you from retailers’ price fluctuations so you know you won’t overpay.