About Moolah

Access endless opportunities to save

Moolah is an automatic coupon-hunting browser extension that searches, analyzes, and applies the best coupon codes to your shopping cart. It saves you both time and effort of having to search and test codes manually. Our team is working hard to constantly update and improve Moolah to help our users make better-informed purchasing decisions. We scour the internet for valid coupon codes--so you no longer have to.

Empowering shoppers worldwide

We partner with international and local retailers to make their deals and coupons easy to access. Our commitment is to empower online shoppers with countless opportunities to save across all product categories. We are here to make sure that you will never again miss out on a good deal.

Users worldwide are already enjoying big savings and rewards with Moolah. Find out how using the Moolah button can change the way you shop online: Moolah Browser Extension: Everything You Need to Know

Find the best working code with one click

Automatic coupon hunter. All it takes is one click of the Moolah button for you to see if a coupon code is available on the retailer’s website.

Test codes instantly. Moolah does all the heavy lifting. Users no longer have to spend lots of time searching for working codes. The valid ones will find themselves automatically applied at checkout.

30,000+ retail partners. Shoppers will never miss out on a discount offer from their favorite stores. Moolah is supported in many of the biggest department stores, popular brands, and major ecommerce sites.

Apply the best code to your cart. Moolah automatically chooses the coupon with the highest discount value if there are multiple codes available.

Rewards to be earned. Registered members can earn Moolah points, which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Moolah points are awarded when a user completes certain tasks such as signing up, referring friends, and daily check-ins.

Download Moolah for free at the Chrome web store.

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Disclosure: We may earn a commission when you use one of our conpons/links to make a purchase.